Nobiin Audio

Nobiin passages

A brief description of the Nobiin language and history by Nubantood Khalil (pdf)

Kinship Terms (Nubantood Khalil)

Colors and Adjectives (Tanutamon Gerais)


Body Parts (Tanutamon Gerais)

Animals (Tanutamon Gerais)

Insects (Tanutamon Gerais)

People (Nubantood Khalil)

Environment (Nubantood Khalil)

House and Home Items (Nubantood Khalil)

Numbers (Tanutamon Gerais)

Time Words (Tanutamon Gerais)

Food and Cooking (Tanutamon Gerais)

Nobiin Villages (Nubantood Khalil)

Sonnet (Nubantood Khalil)

Proverbs (Tanutamon Gerais)

Poem 1 (Tanutamon Gerais)

Poem 2 (Tanutamon Gerais)

Transcript for all the audio (pdf)

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