Moore Music

The Moore language is spoken in Burkina Faso

Artist: Troupe Théâtricale de Yatenga




Dance example

Agriculture dance

Dance Example 2

Ouayigouya Mamadou Toure interview

The Troupe Théâtricale de Yatenga is a theatrical dance troupe that uses music, dance and song to perform for audiences using a variety of techniques that place their work in the realm of development. Some dances represent the multi-ethnic communities in the Yatenga Province.

By incorporating local dances the troupe communicates a message of pluralism and democracy for the province surrounding the capital of the province, Ouahigouya. The troupe can also create performances about cultural values and development topics such as AIDS, education, and more.

As is typical of music in the Sahel region, the lead melodic instrument often follows or even leads the lyrics. Here, Toure, the leader of the troupe and the flutist uses the flute to signal to the girls when to sing and what dance moves to lead into next. These troupes can animate community discussions, NGO work and government development issues.

Although these dances do not have a lot of lyrics, this style of theatrical dance troupe is a new genre that deserves representation here. The group itself is multi-ethnic with mostly Mossi, Fulani and former Songhai captives that have assimilated into Mossi society.

Instrument combinations and music steer towards a newer, blended sound, that maintains a folk-like flavor. The lyrics and dance superimpose another discourse, a development or political discourse, available for direct-hire; informative, thematic entertainment either existing or to be written.

  1. Ouverture – 2:43
  2. Pissiye – 1:57
  3. dance example – 5:30
  4. agriculture dance – 5:44
  5. dance example 2 – 2:51
  6. Mamadou Toure interview – 11:41

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  • Ethnic Group: Mossi (Yatenga)
  • Language (dialect): More (Yadenga)
  • Country: Burkina Faso
  • Recording date: August 16, 2014
  • Recording location:
    Ouahigouya, Burkina Faso
  • Total Recording time: 30:26
  • Technician: Brian Nowak
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