Kinyarwanda Video

Angels of Rwanda Penine Uwambaye

She sings two songs, first in English, second in Kinyarwanda.

Traditionally, Rwandan people are pastoralists and raising livestock is an important part of their livelihood. In the video presented here, 4 young women from Rwanda perform a traditional Rwandan women’s dance known as the Amariza dance. The movements of the dance capture the importance of cattle with gestures that express the shapes of cattle horns.

The women members of the group are known as the Angels of Rwanda and they are from the town of Goma in the border region between the D.R.C. and Rwanda. They presently reside on the North Shore, in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Mme. Penine Uwambaye is responsible for the group of young women which is made up of:

  • Queen Gajo, a Newburyport High School student,
  • Josephine Sebagisha, a student at Northern Essex Community College,
  • Laurence Sebagisha, a business student at Northern Essex Community College,
  • and Kellia Isimbi, also a Newburyport High School student

In this video, The Angels of Rwanda dance together with a group of young men also from Rwanda. The men include Murinzi Ndirima Fiston, Kevin Cyusa, Kin Shema Ian, and Cephas Emmanuel Rwigema. The performance took place in the spring of 2013 in the Church of the First Religious Society (Unitarian Universalist) in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Penine Uwambaye, also from Rwanda, joins the performance with first a song in English, and then a song in Kinyarwanda, the latter entitled Amarira Zanze Gukama (The Tears Won’t Stop). It is a love song expressing loyalty and fidelity. She is joined by the choir of the same church.

These performances were filmed by John Brown, Photographic Artist and owner of the Spirit of Newburyport.

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