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The African Voices Project: Malam Abdou Bako

Malam Abdou BAKO was born in 1970 in the town of Kribitoa in Goudoumaria, Republic of Niger. He graduated from the Lycée Idriss Alaoma in Diffa and completed his Baccalaureat in 1991. He attended the Université Abdou Mouomouni from 1991 to 1994 where he majored in Physics and Chemistry. He studied business management at the C.F.R. and later was trained as an Information Technology Engineer at Niger’s Institut Africain de l’Informatique from 2009-2011. He began working in desktop publishing as early as 1995, and then worked in educational publishing in national languages beginning at Editions Alpha (1997-2000), at Editions Abasa/Ministry of Basic Education Bilingual Education Project 2PeB/GtZ, and then later in the support for basic education project (2004-2007). Since February of 2009, he has worked as the Associate Director of Editions Gashingo, a national language publishing company that grew out of the Bilingual Education Project. He has demonstrated a profound commitment to the importance of maternal language education in Niger and has made it his life’s work.

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