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Oumar Diogo Bah

Oumar Diogo Bah was born in Dalaba in the Futa Jalon of the Republic of Guinea on the 9th of October 1987. He attended primary school in Dalaba and then went to the Lycée Béanzin de Dalaba and passed his Bac examination in 2008. He then moved to Conakry and attended the Université Mercure and obtained a Licence en Gestion Commerciale in 2011. Later that year he moved to Quebec City, Quebec, Canada where he is now a student in Management at the College CDI-Quebec. As a result of discussions with John Hutchison about archiving and family history, and after a visit to his family’s home village of Compaya near Labé in the Futa Jalon, Diogo became extremely interested in learning more about his family’s history. He also took it upon himself to document that story. On the 19th of October, 2010, he traveled to Compaya and spent ten days there interviewing the relatives of his mother, Hadja Nafissatou Bah and his father, El-Hadj Mamadou Saliou Bah. He filmed more than an hour of footage from various family members about the Bah family and the grandparents of his parents.The interview of Oumar Diogo Bah is posted below on the ALMA site. His film on the history of his family in Compaya, Guinea, will be posted soon.

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