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Edoh Torgah

Dr. Edoh Torgah, Senior Lecturer, General Linguistics and the Linguistics of Ewe. Translation: Theory and practice.

Dr. Torgah is a Senior Lecturer in General Linguistics and the Linguistics of Ewe and Head of the Department of Ghanaian Languages at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. He carried out his university studies at the University of Cape Coast, at the National University of the Côte d’Ivoire, and also achieved a DEA (Diplôme d’Etude Approfondie) at the University of France-Comté in Besançon, France. As a Senior Lecturer he teaches courses in General Linguistics, in the Linguistics of the Ewe language, and also in the Theory and Practice of Translation. He has a broad range of interests, one of which focuses on the translation of Europhone African Literature into his first language, Ewe. He has published ten or more translations into Ewe with his colleague Atakpa K. Freeman and all have been published by Cambridge University Press. Among the works he has translated that have yet to be published are George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Mariama Bâ’s Une si longue lettre, Aminata Saw Fall’s La Grève des Battus, Kwakuvi Azasu’s The Stool, and Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s The River Between. It is these last three translations that have been chosen for presentation here on the website. A chapter of each one of these is presented.

Ewe Literature

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