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Linguistic Field Methods Course Students and Nubiin Speakers

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Nubantood Khalil is a native Nubian cultural activist and a freelance linguist. He Nubantood Khalilis also the founder of the Nubian Language Society (NLS), a DC-based NGO that involves in the documentation and the promotion of the Nubian intangible heritage and culture. He was contracted by UNESCO’s intangible heritage section 2009-2011 as a cultural activist in the cultural Nubian museum project of Wadi Halfa. He has also published a number of works about Nubian languages.


  • The First Nobiin Child’s Book “Nobiin Assarin Soor 1”, ,2017 Primedia eLaunch LLC, USA.
  • Nobiin Literacy Book “Nobiin Faayittin Soor”, 2017, Primedia eLaunch LLC, USA.
  • Nobiinga kullan Soor (1), “the first Nobiin language acquisition book”, 2018, Primedia eLaunch LLC, USA.
  • Poetic Comparative Texts in Nobiin (Arb.), 2017, Primedia eLaunch LLC, USA.

Articles and Papers:

  • Verbal Plural Marker in Nobiin (Nile Nubian), 2015, Datawo: A Journal of Nubian Studies, Vol. 2, Article 2.
  • Some Images of Multiculturalism in the history of Sudan, 2014, Sudanese Studies Associations Vol.33 No.1
  • The First Nobiin Shakespeare, Sonnet 18, Sudanese Studies Associations Vol.35 No.1.
  • Signs of Maternalism in Nobiin Language, 2017, Sudanese Studies Associations Vol.36 No.1.

Tanutamon Gerais was born in Nubia (Sudan). He is a human rights activist and Tanutamon Geraiscommunity organizer who dedicated his life to the work of advocating against the oppression of indigenous Africans in Sudan. He is a founding member of many Sudanese and Nubian human rights organizations in the USA, and has spoken on behalf of Nubians in different universities’ platforms, and political conferences, media interviews, and in US Congress and US Senate offices.

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